An elegant, breezy style
A sapient balance between respect for Florentine craftsmanship and the desire to surprise

Feminine and sophisticated.
The Italo Balestri Collections


The Italo Balestri collections are conceived for the woman who is elegant with independent drive, who is sophisticated and never flashy, who knows how to surprise and smile. A woman who is fashionable, but not a slave to current trends. A woman who has created her own style and knows how to appreciate the quality of a shoe’s detailing.

A woman who is sure of herself and is headed in her own direction, without following that of anyone else.

A decidedly feminine shoe—whimsical and chic with a touch of vintage and playfully ironic. This is the Italo Balestri shoe, the most sophisticated synthesis of a stylistic approach all its own and absolute commitment to Italian craftsmanship, in particular the Tuscan tradition.

A uniquely
italian story

Style and impeccable quality.
With a new vision

Italo Balestri are specialists in high-quality footwear for women. The brand is the evolution of a long, all-Italian story that began in Florence in 1963. The first shoes they produced were intricately made by some of Tuscany’s finest craftsmen.

The brand reached the peak of its popularity in the Eighties when it became synonymous with high quality and its own impeccable style that did not follow the vagaries of passing trends. It has maintained an attention to detail and the use of varied and original materials but always respecting a balance of style in which experimentation is never an end in itself.

In 2017, the brand was purchased by a Tuscan company with long-standing experience in making women’s shoes and handbags, a company whose success has been built on the same concepts that made the Italo Balestri brand great.

Building on the brand identity and a number of stylistic innovations has resulted in modern-day styles with a touch of vintage, while the corporate structure has been completely reorganized to be able to operate in the world marketplace, including as a result of significant investment in personnel, communications and in-house technology.