andrea gonnelli

Managing Director of Italo Balestri, Andrea Gonnelli has built his success by working with leading high-fashion brands, in particular the major French labels. As a result of this experience and his penchant for working only according to the highest quality standards, he has developed the perspective required to take a further step forward—acquire his own brand.

The decision to acquire Italo Balestri was a natural consequence of his own personal and entrepreneurial journey that has been focused on pursuing the highest-quality materials and workmanship.

A story similar to that of a brand which, for years, was a point-of-reference in the fashion world and Made in Italy products in general.

Today, the relaunching of the brand remains focused on the key cornerstones of the corporate identity and a new vision which is more up-beat and contemporary, to position itself in the women’s shoe market with its own sophisticated and unique style.